Board 2016-2017

The board of 2016-2017 consisted of Marco Tompitak (Science, Chair), Zohreh Zahedi (CWTS, secretary), Aquiles Carattino (Science), Aicha Laghmouchi (LUMC, vice chair), Chris Smiet (Science, external and Social), Jens Hoeijmakers (Science, Treasurer), Soumya Deep Chatterjee (Science, External Affairs), Aleksandrina Skvortsova (Humanities, PR) and Sayo Rostami (Social Affairs).

Marco Tompitak

Hey! My name is Marco, and I’m in the third year of my PhD at the Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics. I study the effects of the information encoded in DNA molecules on their physical properties and behavior. I’ll be your Chair for 2016 and I’ll make sure LEO stays well-oiled and running smoothly. If you need anything from the board, feel free to seek me out or drop me a line!cAs the board of LEO, we will be bringing you as much fun as we can possibly squeeze out of 2016, so I hope to see you at one of our events!

Candido da Silva

I had the privilege to join an exciting group of talented PhD-students at the LUMC, at the very frontier of next-gen oncology and tumor immunology therapy research. My PhD project entails to push the patient’s own immune system to eradicate tumors by employing immunomodulatory nanoparticles. In LEO, I fulfil the role of secretary, so I take care of some administrative threads. In my private life, I enjoy meeting interesting people, and I appreciate sports, nature, music and beverages.

Artur Kaczmarczyk

My name is Artur Kaczmarczyk and I am in my third year of PhD research. As a joint student of Leiden University and TU Delft I investigate the structure and dynamics of chromatin fibers by single molecule force spectroscopy. In other words, I pull and twist DNA with histone proteins. As a LEO board member, I am in charge of PR. I will make sure that the association and its events are widely promoted around the PhD community.

Julia Heuritsch

I am a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) in Leiden, which does research about research. At the moment I am studying career patterns of PhD holders. For my PhD project I am interested in focussing on “Science in transition” topics. I am the LEO External Affair Officer, which I defend the interests of Leiden PhD candidates, within the university in talks with the board of directors, as well as nationally by allying with PhD associations in other cities and PNN.

Aleksandrina Skvortsova

My name is Aleksandrina Skvortsova and I’m a PhD candidate at the Psychology department, Medical, Health and Neuropsychology Unit. My PhD projects focuses on the effects of expectancy and learning on the endocrine system. I will be a PR officer of LEO. My main task is to make LEO known among PhD students and promote its activities. This year will be full of events and I hope to see you there!

Jens Hoeijmakers

My name is Jens Hoeijmakers. I am a third year PhD student in the astronomy department. In LEO, I will be watch over the treasury, to make sure that our financial assets are spent on many useful events and activities for our fellow PhD’s while at the same time safeguarding LEO’s continued financial health. I also manage the content of this website, so if anything here is broken, out of place or inaccurate, please drop me a line!