Board 2018-2019

This years board will consist of Nelli Bossert (Science, Chair), Garnet Akeyr (Science, Vice Chair and External Affairs), Antonios Somarakis (LUMC, Event Coordinator and External Affairs),  Redmar Vlieg (Science, Secretary), Noémie Berenger-Currias (Science, PR Officer)  and Alexandar Mechev (Science, Treasurer and Webmaster).

All members of the board can be reached at

Nelli Bossert

My name is Nelli, and I am in my 4th PhD year. I studied Biology in Würzburg, Germany, and am working now at the Department of Biophysics and the Department of Quantum Optics. As I enjoyed it a lot being involved in the LEO board 2017, I am remaining in the position of the Chair for another round. As before, I aim to keep my board members happy and engaged, so together we can support you, create opportunities for you to network and contribute to more fun & happiness in your PhD life. If something’s off, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will do my best to help you further. Hope to see you at one of our great LEO events!

Garnet Akeyr

Hello everyone! My name is Garnet Akeyr, and I’m a second year PhD student in mathematics here in Leiden. I study generalisations of mathematical objects called semistable curves in higher dimensions. This year I shall serve as the vice Chair of LEO, as well as the external affairs officer in conjunction with Antonis. In particular I will serve as a link between LEO and other associations such as PhDoc, or the executive board of the university. I look forward to meeting you at our monthly meet-ups!

Antonios Somarakis

As you’ve probably noticed from the title my name is Antonios, but everybody calls me Antonis. I am in the second year of my PhD with background in computer engineering, graduated from Greece. The aim of my project is to develop Visual analytics techniques for spatial resolved omics data. Hence, my project is mainly affiliated with LUMC and Data Science Research Program. My role in the current board is mainly that of event organizer and also together with Garnet we are taking over External affairs, so as to support your interest in the academic community.
I am waiting to meet you in one of our upcoming events or activities!


Redmar Vlieg

Hi there! My name is Redmar and I am heading into my third year of my PhD in the field of biophysics. I study the application of gold nanorods in combination with two-photon microscopy for in vivo imaging. Last year I was also part of the LEO board as external officer. Being on the board is such a nice experience, that I decided to do another year. However, this year I am going to see how it is to be the secretary of the board. I hope to see you at many LEO events! And for any questions regarding anything really concerning your PhD, please contact us!

Noémie Berenger-Currias

Hi there! My name is Noémie and I am in the 3rd year of my PhD. I studied Biology in France and now I am working at the Department of Biophysics in Leiden, together with the Bionanoscience department in TU Delft. My project focuses on mammalian embryogenesis and its modeling.
As the new PR of LEO board, my job is to keep you updated about events and activities we are organizing, and raise awareness about LEO association among PhD students.
Hope to see you at our events!

Alexandar Mechev

Hey all, I’m Alex and I’m a third year PhD candidate in Astronomy and Computer Science. I like to spend my days developing software for the LOFAR group, my evenings learning something new and my weekends socializing! As the treasurer and webmaster of LEO, I’ll be responsible for keeping track of the budget and for managing our lovely website. Hope to see you around!