PNN National PhD Day Committee Looking for more members

Are you looking for ways to increase your organizational skills, expand your network, and have a great time working on a very relevant project? Apply now for the organizing committee of the 2015 National PhD day!

As the first PNN National PhD day ( was well-received, plans have been put in place to organize a second edition (scheduled for the end of November) and a committee has recently been formed to organize this great event. The chair of the National PhD Day Committee is still looking for enthusiastic and motivated people who want to help organize this event (e.g., arranging workshops, finding sponsors).

Positions that are open in the committee are:
– Vice-president
– Treasurer
– 2x external communication (i.e., arranging workshops/ information market)
– Logistics
– Chairman for the supervisor award committee.

Given that the PhD community has many people with organizational experience on local or even national level, we believe it will be a great opportunity for those looking for more experience in organizing an event of this scale at the national level. Speaking Dutch is an advantage, but not a necessity.

If you are interested in being part of this committee, or interested in contributing in any other possible way, then contact the president Anke Versluis of the National PhD Day committee at to receive more information.

New PhD regulations are out!

The Leiden University PhD regulations have been updated. The new regulations have been effective from the 8th of February. If you already have a defense committee, the old regulations will be followed, but all future defenses will be held under the new regulations. The main changes are:

– Stronger focus on academic integrity requirements
– Minor changes in the composition of the Doctorate Committee and the Opposition Committee
– The role of the supervisor in assessing the dissertation

For more explanation please visit:

Printer Fair 2015

Every two years LEO organizes a Printer Fair where PhD candidates at any stage of their carreer can meet and talk to companies that are going to be in charge of printing their dissertations. This time the Fair is going to be bigger, with more printers and there are going to be some snacks and sandwiches for everyone. Keep tuned to check the full program once it is ready!

Interested in joining? Send an e-mail to
Not a LEO member yet? Just fill this short form.

Leo Leiden Printer Fair 2015

Relaunching LEO website

Welcome to the new website of Leids Promovendi Overleg. We have simplifyied the design and given it a newer look. Remember that you can check all the information from the board members, register to our database, and check the agenda for the forthcoming events all in one place.

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