LEO Board 2020

This year’s board consists of 9 members:

  • Jackie Ashkin (FSW, Chair and External Affairs)
  • Mario Cangiano (University of Glasgow and GenomeScan, Events)
  • Melissa Thaler (LUMC, Events)
  • Katie Saentaweesook (LIAS, External Affairs and Secretary)
  • Charles Moussa (LIACS, Secretary and Webmaster)
  • Marina Gavryushkina (Archaeology, Treasurer)
  • Clarisse S. B. da Silva (LUMC, Social Media and Secretary)
  • Lýdia Štofanová (Science, Member at large)

All members of the board can be reached at info@leoleiden.nl.

Jackie Ashkin

Hello, fellow PhD candidates! My name is Jackie, and I’m the vice-chair of this year’s LEO board. I also share secretarial duties and help represent Leiden’s PhD community in national networks such as PNN.

I completed my M.A. in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews and I am now a first-year PhD researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) here in Leiden. My research focuses on valuation and knowledge practices in European ocean science. As a social scientist, I know that a supportive community is one of the most important ingredients for surviving your doctoral research, and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Melissa Thaler

Hi, I am Melissa and soon starting my second year of PhD at the LUMC. I work in Virology and my PhD focuses on development of antiviral therapies. I am originally from the South of Austria and spent most of my university years in Vienna. I moved to Leiden and instantly felt comfortable here. I joined the LEO board to learn new things and meet PhDs from other fields, but most importantly to help other PhD students to feel home here, find new friends and enjoy life outside work!

Charles MOUSSA

Bonjour, my name is Charles and I am a first year PhD student at LIACS. The aim of my research is to study potential applications of Quantum Computing for the industry. This year, I am the webmaster and secretary for Leo. I made a decision to join the board to have more opportunities to meet other PhDs and supporting more actively the association that help us relax with wonderful events. Hopefully see you all in next events!

Marina Gavryushkina

Hello, I’m Marina and I am a first year Archaeology PhD. My research focuses on the use of 3D GIS and digital technologies for documenting and analyzing archaeological excavations. I also have a background in accounting and finance so this year, I am LEO’s Treasurer. I joined the board to meet PhD students from all over the University and to break out of the bubble that is my faculty. I’m excited to meet other students and organize events that will help other PhDs network and build a community here in Leiden.

Katie Saentaweesook

Hello, I’m Katie, a Thai/Brit external PhD candidate at LIAS. I did my BA in London and MA in Leiden. My background is in Southeast Asian studies and my current research is a comparative analysis of Thailand and Ethiopia’s experiences with regards to the supportive role of the state in the processes
of rural development and structural transformation. My position within LEO is external affairs, which connects us with other PhD associations internally and externally such as, PhDoc and PNN. I also
share secretarial responsibilities with Jackie and Clarisse and through LEO, I hope I can support your interest in the academic community.

Mario Cangiano

Hi, this is Mario, a Marie Sklodowska Curie fellow from the University of Glasgow doing an industrial Ph.D. at GenomeScan, a biotech company in the bioscience park.My research focuses on the analysis of prostate cancer patients’ data to identify potential prognostic biomarkers for personalized medicine. Within LEO, due to my constant interest in breaking the work/study routine with something fun and always new, I’m in the Event Planning duo, together with Melissa. I’m looking forward to meeting the association members and help you all enjoy the Ph.D. period.

Clarisse S. B. da Silva

Hi Everyone! I’m Clarisse, and I’m a second year PhD student at the medical microbiology department at LUMC. I’m from Brazil, where I did my bachelor and master studies, both on the genetics/virology field. My PhD project focus on developing new antiviral strategies against emerging pathogens.

I joined LEO because I believe that we can make a lot to help other PhD student as ourselves, as well as planning some nice events for interaction and relaxing times. I’m the responsible for the social media for our 2020 board, as well as shared secretary responsabilities. Hope to meet you soon in one of our events. 🙂

Lýdia Štofanová

Dear reader, my name is Lýdia and last year I was in charge of LEO finances and our lovely LEO website. As being a member of LEO was so much fun and I learnt many useful skills and met interesting people I decided to stay in LEO board as a member at large. Currently, I am in my second year of PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics and the aim of my PhD is to study the hot X-ray emitting gas in our Universe with focus on very massive objects as groups and clusters of galaxies and their close environment. I made a decision to join the LEO board to have more opportunities to meet PhD candidates from different fields and broaden my mind and deepen my knowledge by having interesting discussions with them. I can’t wait to meet you all!