LEO Board 2022

This year’s board consists of 3 members:

  • Sander van Nielen (CML, Chair)
  • Kaela Slavik (LIACS, Treasurer)
  • Linyuan Wang (ICLON, Secretary)

All members of the board can be reached at info@leoleiden.nl.

Sander van Nielen

Hey, I am Sander, a third-year PhD at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML). With a strong interest in sustainable technology, I investigate how recycling can make magnets more environmentally friendly. I’m always in for new and fun things to do, so this makes a good match with my role within the LEO board to organise events.

I like many sports, including surfing, sailing and hiking. On rainy days, chances are that you find me in the kitchen baking an apple pie.

Last year has taught me the importance of regularly taking a break and the need to stay in social contact. Since this is true for any PhD, I hope to create many opportunities for that this year!

Kaela Slavik

My name is Kaela and I am in the third year of my PhD at Leiden University. Although I am officially part of LIACS, my PhD has nothing to do with mathematics or computing. My PhD is an ethnographic study of an international scientific network and contributes to a larger ERC-funded project. I am originally from Australia, although since graduating from high school, I have spent most of my time living and studying abroad.

When I first came to Leiden University in early 2020, I felt rather lost and alone – and this was pre-COVID. I joined the LEO board because I want to help new PhD students meet their fellow PhD students in a friendly, informal environment and feel connected to a wider support network of PhDs at Leiden University. I want to create a sense of solidarity and shared identity. I look forward to working with and for you on this new adventure.

Linyuan Wang

My name is Linyuan and I am in the second year of my PhD at Leiden University. I come from China and I work at ICLON currently. My PhD project is about improving student engagement in blended learning, which is very relevant to the current situation. I joined LEO because I felt so lonely during my spare time and I think maybe many of you have also experienced similar things when working in a foreign country. I hope being a member of LEO can allow me to socialize with others and connect more PhDs together!

Judith Bruchhaus

Hiya! My name is Judith, and I am a first year PhD at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. My research explores the response of Western European Muslim women to counter-terrorism policies and the securitisation of Islam. I come from Germany but have spent the past couple of years living in Egypt, Lebanon, and the UK. It is good to have a close network of friends and a support bubble, but what I have learned from that time is how enriching it can be to sometimes also move out of your comfort zone. I think that LEO Leiden is a great chance to do just that and connect with people from different disciplines, countries, and cultures and I am looking forward to making this happen together with all of you!