Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEO?

LEO is the association for all PhDs at Leiden University. A detailed description can be found on our About LEO page.

Who can join LEO?

All PhDs at Leiden University, including external PhDs (buitenpromovendi), are automatically members. You don’t need to ‘officially’ join LEO – just come along and join our events!

Where can I join LEO?

You don’t to sign up for LEO membership – all PhDs at Leiden University are automatically LEO members. You should however sign up for our monthly newsletter! To stay up-to-date with all our events and promotions, you should also ‘like’ our Facebook page LEO Leiden PhD Association, join our Facebook group PhDs at Leiden University and follow us on Twitter @LeidsLeo.

Is LEO membership free?

Yes! There are no membership fees for LEO. For some activities or events however, we may ask a partial contribution to cover any costs.

I need PhDs to fill out a survey for my own PhD research. Can you promote it?

If you send us a request with pre-written text that we can copy-paste, will include it in our newsletter, share it on our Facebook page (LEO Leiden PhD Association) and tweet it from @LeidsLeo. The best way to get responses however is to post it yourself in our Facebook group, PhDs at Leiden University!