Personal Development & Well-being

HRM courses

The HRM Learning & Development of Leiden University offers PhD training courses, including academic writing, presenting skills, time management, and knowledge utilisation. Courses in career development, personal development, communication, working effectively and research skills are taught throughout the year. These courses are generally free for employed PhDs, but unfortunately not always for external PhDs.

e-Health programs

Leiden University offers free access to a variety of e-health programs, including:

Caring Universities

Caring Universities offers free online services to improve mental wellbeing. Choose from 7 free online programs: to improve your mood, reduce stress, overcome procrastination, for corona-related problems, get a grip on your life, sleep better, and a general life skills program. They’re anonymous and you even get text-based guidance from an online coach.

PhDs at Leiden University can participate for free,


Rivierduinen Mental Health Services

Rivierduinen Mental Health Services offers free anonymous e-health programmes for PhDs (in Dutch). Register at mijn.therapieland.  

The modules are easy to follow and focus on preventing mental health problems. The modules include: Worrying, Standing Up for Yourself and StressLess.  

The e-interventions are completely anonymous and you do not have to provide any personal data. The programmes are only available in Dutch.

New Heroes

New Heroes aims to provide everyone access to online soft skill and leadership courses. The courses are grouped into four main categories: 1) Personal effectiveness, 2) Vitality and resilience, 3) Team development and leadership, and 4) Communication and interaction. If you would like to keep on developing your knowledge and skills, you can follow free online training courses with New Heroes. New Heroes courses are free for students and staff at Leiden University – just log in with your UCLN account.

Our favourites:

Gezonde Boel

Gezonde Boel is an e-health platform for PhDs. The platform offers a wide range of training. A link to the login screen for students and staff from Leiden University will be available on 1 September 2022.