PhD Associations


PhDoc is the political party for PhD candidates and postdocs at Leiden University. Currently we hold two seats in the University Council. PhDoc also collaborates with PhD candidates and postdocs in the various faculty and employee councils. PhD candidates and postdocs make up a very large part of Leiden University’s academic staff and should therefore have an active voice in the various platforms for co-participation.

Follow PhDoc on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or send an email to


The PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands, or PNN, is the national organization representing the interests of PhD candidates to which LEO meets with four times a year in a members meeting. In particular, PNN aims to represent PhD interests on the national level, coordinate its member organizations, supply information to PhD candidates and to improve the quality of PhD research. PNN seeks to implement suggestions by labor unions on collective bargaining agreements.

At the General Members Meeting, LEO has an opportunity to bring forward any issues or concerns on behalf of Leiden’s PhD students. PNN gathers such information from all the local PhD councils to inform its policy making.

If you are interested in learning more about PNN, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter at @hetpnn or contact them at Note that any questions specific to Leiden University should be address to LEO or PhDoc.


LAP is the LUMC Association for PhD Candidates, which aims to help PhDs navigate this part of their working life. LAP is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of all PhD candidates of the LUMC. LAP have several standard activities and a membership to our newsletter is free of charge. You can contact them for any questions you might have:

Twitter: @LapLumc


The Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) has the LUCAS PhD Council, which represents the interests of all LUCAS PhDs, internal, external, and otherwise contracted. It consists of four to five members who are appointed by the Academic Director for a period of two years.

The Council meet every two months with the LUCAS Management Team to discuss matters concerning the admission, training, and supervision of PhDs in the institute. It holds a general meeting for all LUCAS PhDs yearly and can be approached at any time for issues and questions. The Council’s chair is part of the Advisory Board, and the council as a whole meets regularly with the other PhD councils of the Faculty of the Humanities. It keeps in contact with PhDoc, the PhD representation in the University Council.

The Council also organizes social activities, such as the monthly PhD lunches and the yearly PhD dinner, and it is in close contact with the LUCAS Management Team about the Graduate Program. To get in touch, send them an email at


The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) has the LUCL PhD council, which represents the interests of all PhD students at LUCL and promotes their interests. The PhD council meets regularly with the LUCL management team and has a representative in the LUCL Advisory Board. The Council aims to stay informed and to play an active role in developments that may concern PhD candidates, within LUCL and/or the university at large. The Council operates as an intermediary between PhD candidates and the LUCL management team, and aspires to identify and discuss opportunities and issues.

If you are an LUCL PhD student with any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist in finding an answer/solution to your question/problem.

You can contact the LUCL PhD Council at or by reaching out directly to one of its members either by e-mail or in person.


Jong Universiteit Leiden (JUL) is a network organization for young employees of Leiden University who want to expand their view beyond their daily work and meet more coworkers besides their direct colleagues. Please note that JUL is not solely aimed at PhDs. The mission of JUL has remained the same since our establishment in 2011. We want to provide our members with a network, help them do their work effectively within the university and to promote their self-development. We organize an activity every month. This can be anything, from informal drinks (borrels), a tour through Leiden by boat, workshops, visits to the faculties and a pub quiz with young staff from other universities in the region. Some of these activities arthat e purely informal and social, others are more geared towards functionality at work. No matter what it is that we organize, cooperation, networking, personal development and of course the famous Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ are crucial elements that we incorporate.

You can become a member of the JUL network by sending us an email at or by filling in this form. Membership is free of charge and everyone under 40 who works for Leiden University is welcome to join.

To stay informed of JUL events, you can follow them on: