About LEO

Leiden PhD Association

LEO (officially Leids Promovendi Overleg, don’t ask about the acronym…) aims to provide a platform for PhD candidates at Leiden University. We organize social events, represent PhD-specific interests, and maintain contact with other PhD organizations.

LEO was formed in 2011, when PhDs of Leiden University first organized themselves into an interest group: the “Leids Promovendi Overleg”. Today, LEO still makes sure that the opinions of all PhDs are heard throughout the University. PhDs – according to LEO – are anyone who is writing a PhD thesis at Leiden University, regardless of their official position or employment. This means that both internal and external PhDs are welcome.

LEO can influence decision making at the University through working with the PhDoc representatives of the University Council and through meetings held regularly with the Rector Magnificus. By working together with the PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN) we even have a nationwide influence, for example through contacts with the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU) and the Ministry of Education.

What can LEO do for you?

LEO wants to make sure that PhDs get the information and support that they need. This information may be about rights and duties, but also about such questions as how to find a good printer. Up-to-date information is posted regularly on this website.

It is LEO’s belief that most PhDs want to do more than just research during their time in Leiden. Particularly foreign PhD candidates may be interested in our social activities, but even for “locals” it can be enjoyable to meet fellow PhD candidates from other fields. To this end, LEO organizes a monthly “borrel” called PhDrinks, where you can meet fellow PhD candidates and get some inside hints on living and working in Leiden.

How to get in touch with LEO?

LEO is open to questions, complaints and opinions of all PhD candidates. Please contact us and make use of our knowledge and experience, and keep us informed of what is going on across the University. Complaints and opinions that are sufficiently serious may be addressed by LEO in our meetings with the rector or the University Council. For issues that concern one Faculty specifically, we have a network of contact people around the University. Our email: info@leoleiden.nl

We also have a Facebook page and we also manage a Facebook group for all PhDs at Leiden University. When you join this group, you will receive Facebook invitations to our monthly PhDrinks, and other social activities. The Facebook group is also a good place to communicate with the board or other PhD candidates.

Why get involved with LEO?

LEO is a resource for all PhDs. Nevertheless, due to privacy policies, you need subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to receive updates from us. The newsletter subscription is free, so don’t hesitate to subscribe!

We would like all PhDs to be involved with LEO. By joining and participating in our events and online forums, you support the Leiden PhD Association. The more PhDs we interact with, the better able we are to represent the interest of all PhDs. We are very keen to involve PhDs in LEO activities, organization and management. LEO is run by a Board of current PhDs – so if you have time, motivation or inspiration, please reach out and get in touch! The board members have a dissertation to write just like everyone else, so extra help or support is always welcome.