Survey on the contribution of PhD candidates to Dutch university education.

De Volkskrant, the Netherlands’ most renowned quality newspaper, is investigating the contribution of PhD candidates to Dutch university education. This is done in collaboration with the Dutch interest group for PhD candidates (PNN).

The survey consists of three parts. First, we will ask for some background information. Second, a number of questions about the allotment of your professional time. Third, we will put to you a number of statements about the relationship between education and research.
To take the survey, follow the link:…/1FAIpQLSe1F9QzLAiuC8easw…/viewform

The results of the survey will only be used by the Volkskrant reporters who are involved in this investigation. We would like to ask you to complete the survey before October 18th. Completing the survey will take about ten minutes.

The results of the survey will be processed anonymously. There is an option to enter your e-mail address at the end of the survey if you are willing to answer further questions. Should you have any questions about this survey, you can reach the reporters via the address below.
Reporter at de Volkskrant

Knowledge Transfer

How important is science communication to you and how do you experience communicating research findings to your end-users?

We are curious about your opinion as a young researcher.

The Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Leiden University Medical Center, in collaboration with the Department of Science Communication and Society at Leiden University, investigates the engagement in knowledge transfer activities and the factors that may facilitate or impede this. The research project is supervised by Professor dr. N. H. Chavannes.
Results of this study will provide insight into the position of knowledge transfer in the academic field and thus provide directions for future initiatives to improve or strengthen this position.

Why is this research done?

Researchers are increasingly expected to engage in knowledge transfer activities. To grant funding, they often have to include knowledge transfer activities in their communication and dissemination plan. These knowledge transfer activities should ensure that end-users, such as policy makers, public health officials and system administrators are reached. The current academic climate does not seem to be adapted to these additional expectations. This study will provide more insight into the position knowledge transfer holds in the academic field and thus provide directions for future initiatives to improve or strengthen this position.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is affiliated to a University and performs or supervises research activities. Participants can be either junior or senior scientists, but should at minimum hold a position as a PhD student.
What do we ask from you?

The study consists of a short online survey in which questions are asked about your opinion towards engagement in knowledge transfer activities (e.g., lay abstract writing, media appearance, interacting with the end-user, etc.). We will also ask about factors that, based on your experience, may facilitate or hinder engagement in these activities.
Completing the survey takes approximately 10 minutes and participation is voluntary. Responses will be collected anonymously and results will be treated confidentially. Summary results will be sent to your affiliated institute, provided that the response rate is sufficient to guarantee anonymity.

Willing to participate?

You can participate by  following this link:…/fo…/SV_2u9e90RCKAGneHb


1st National Meeting for Researchers on Open Science

The 1st national meeting for researchers on Open Science will be held on 29th of May 2017 in Delft:…/1st-national-meeting-for-researchers….

This day is particularly intended to hear the questions and opinions of PhD candidates on OS.
The day will be opened by Sander Dekker and will be chaired by PNN’s own Rolf van Wegberg.

We would like to get as many PhD candidates at this event as is humanly possible.
So, please spread the word to your fellow PhD candidates!

You can sign up for the event here:…/1FAIpQLSfeW87HhRXr7j1Lba…/viewform.

March for Science

March for Science 22 April 2017!

The March for Science is a non-partisan event. The main goals are to call for science that upholds the common good and to call for evidence-based-policy in the public’s best interest. Science leads to accurate, non-biased , objective knowledge, development in all fields and to a better society. Therefore, it is our right and responsibility as citizens (not only as researchers) to safeguard it.
Leiden University supports The March for Science that shouts out to everyone celebrating our passion for science, increasing awareness, and joining The March for Science event at the Museumplein in Amsterdam on 22 April 2017. See you there!

BioBusiness Summer School

Are you a PhD candidate, post-doctoral fellow, or master’s student in the field of Life Sciences and considering a career outside of academia? Join BioBusiness Summer School from 27 June to 1 July 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In addition to learning about i.a. business development, product development, finance, and business models, you will also engage with business leaders and expand your network. Apply by 15 April 2016 and take advantage of the early bird fee! For more information about the programme and speakers, visit

TXT Call for papers: The authority of text

We all know that written words have power. It is less clear where this power comes from and how it can be exercised. Does a printed book have greater authority than a digital book? Does the increasing amount of text published online reinforce or change existing notions of authoritative texts? What have been the changes in “publishing power” throughout history?

These are some of the questions TXT would like to address in this year’s issue. TXT is the annual magazine published by the students of Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University. It is concerned with texts in all their different guises, how they have evolved through history, and how they affect our society. The relationship between text and authority can be approached from various perspectives ranging from political to cognitive to technical. We invite academics from all disciplines to contribute to this discussion.

Please send your abstract (200-300 words) to

Register now to meet the Board!

There is only one day left to send in your topics for the Meet the Board event we are organising together with JUL (Young University Leiden) and where

What do YOU want to discuss with the Board of Directors?

You will be able to meet with and speak to none other than Prof. Carel Stolker and Prof. Simone Buitendijk. on October 14th, from 16:30 to 18:30 in the Large Auditorium in the Academy Building (Rapenburg 73). There will be drinks afterwards at the Faculty Club, where as always the first drink is on us! (For those who attend the program.) We have a limited number of seats available, so if you would like to join, please send an e-mail to with “Registration Meet the Board” as a topic.

People who have sent in topics they wish to discuss take precedence (but still need to register!)

All the best,

LEO BBQ party

Let’s open the new academic year with a barbecue in the Plantsoen park.It will cost only 5 Euros and LEO will bring food, drinks and barbecues. Please register for the BBQ by sending an email to
Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have special dietary needs/requests.
When: Sunday 20 September
Where: Plantsoen park, Leiden


Reminder: Vacancies in the board of PNN (Dutch Only)


Het PNN is de landelijke belangenorganisatie voor en door promovendi in Nederland. We vertegenwoordigen promovendi op nationaal niveau en zijn daarmee een gesprekspartner voor o.a. het ministerie van OCW, de KNAW, Science in Transition en Academic Transfer. We organiseren jaarlijks een National PhD Day, zijn actief in de VAWO (de vakbond voor de wetenschap) en Eurodoc (Europese PhD-overleg) en op onze ALV’s overleggen promovendi van alle Nederlandse universiteiten en UMC’s met elkaar.

Omdat een aantal van de huidige bestuursleden het PNN in september gaan verlaten, zijn wij op zoek naar nieuwe bestuursleden. Er komen verschillende portefeuilles vrij: Secretaris, Penningmeester, Communicatie en Loopbaan. Ook een combinatie tussen de verschillende portefeuilles is mogelijk, daarin zijn we flexibel. Eigen initiatief en ruimte voor het ontplooien van activiteiten, binnen of buiten je eigen portefeuille, is ook volop aanwezig. Naar wie zijn we op zoek?

– Je promoveert, zowel werknemers- als buitenpromovendi vanuit alle vakgebieden zijn welkom.
– Je bent enthousiast over het PNN en wilt graag (extra) bestuurservaring opdoen.
– Je bent bereid ten minste 1 jaar gemiddeld 4 uur per week (vrijwillig) in het PNN te steken. Als je drukke onderzoeks- of onderwijsperiodes hebt, kan van deze 4 uur in overleg worden afgeweken: je proefschrift gaat voor.
– Je vindt het leuk mee te denken over en je in te zetten voor kwesties als het bursalenexperiment, de positie van PhDs op de arbeidsmarkt en de kwaliteit van het Nederlandse promotietraject.

Vragen of mogelijk interesse? Aarzel dan niet ons te benaderen! Dit kan door Charlotte de Roon
( of Nadine van Engen ( te mailen.

PNN zoekt bestuurslid: vacature secretaris (Dutch only)

Van de PNN website:

Na ruim anderhalf jaar neemt onze huidige secretaris in juni (bij de ALV) afscheid van het PNN. Daarom zijn wij op zoek naar een nieuwe secretaris.

Het PNN is de landelijke belangenorganisatie voor en door promovendi in Nederland. De drie belangrijkste doelen van het PNN zijn (1) het informeren en het adviseren van de overheid en maatschappelijke organisaties op het gebied van promovendi en de kwaliteit van de promotietrajecten, (2) het vergroten van de effectiviteit van onze leden (de lokale promovendi-organisaties) door het faciliteren en ondersteunen van hun activiteiten, en (3) het bevorderen van de loopbaanperspectieven van promovendi in Nederland.

Meer informatie: