Calendar of some PhD courses and workshops!

25th-27th of March: PCDI Postdoc Retreat Life Sciences a 3 day course for last year PhDs (and Postdocs) to reflect on skills, interests and possibilities in order to work out where to go next (;late registration request via email

1st&15th of April (in English) and Dutch version on 5th June: ‘Project management skills for doctoral research” helps PhDs to learn tips and tricks on an effective planning and managing of their PhD project management skills and applications of these in their projects. (

2nd of April: The third FSW Network (Lunch) Meeting for PhD will be on Thursday from noon to 1 pm. The theme of this meeting is ‘Teaching: too much or too little’ and will be held at 5A41(Faculty of Social Sciences). The difficulties you encounter in teaching will be discussed in small groups. Also, three invited speakers will elaborate on teaching as a PhD candidate in the Social Sciences in an attempt to address your concerns. (register via:

8, 15, 22nd of April, and 20th of May: The course ‘The Lean Scientist’ helps PhDs to translate their knowledge and research output into business opportunities. (The course is sponsored by Climate-KIC, registration via, registration deadline is Friday 27 March 2015).

21th of May: BCF career event 2015: Expand your career possibilities! Free registration until 12th of May on

2nd-6th of June: ‘Science&You in Lorraine (Nancy, France)’ an international event on science communication aims at bringing professionals together.(

22nd-26th of June: ‘BioBusiness Summer School 2015’ supports PhDs in career orientation in industry and teach the principles of biobusiness. ( registration deadline May 22nd).

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